Last updated October 01, 2014

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"We are in the midst of a cold war. A cold war between the freedom loving people all around the world and the United States government. It is ovious that US government is in the wrong side of the history."
  • Justice for Rezwan Ferdaus

    "In today’s world filled with injustice, it is with the dehumanization of others in which attempts are made at justification of the inhumane. But who other than God knows best what it takes to make a good human. Only “HE” can tell us anyway. I know that I am not the first to go through this and not the last, but I want to emphasize all of our humanity. I refuse any speak against it as it has no ground and we are all almost inundated with humanity. That is something which can never be blighted, blocked or stamped out in any manner. We are all human beings and cannot be depicted as otherwise. And finally no dehumanication what so ever can serve as justification for inhumanity in other places."

  • Scathing HRW Report: 'Illusion of Justice' about manufactured US terror plots. Rezwan is one of the featured case study.
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